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Collège Les Deux Canons

Country: France

Collège Les Deux Canons

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  • Funder: European Commission Project Code: 2020-1-FR01-KA229-080414
    Funder Contribution: 130,588 EUR

    "The coordinator establishment of the project (Les Deux Canons school) has been labeled ""ecoschool"" for 4 years and labeled E3D (level 3) for almost 6 years now. Our project, which will last 2 years, is inscribed in the continuity of the work that has been implemented for many years in our school regarding sustainable development.This project aims at bringing awarereness, generating and enhancing initiatives related to sustainable development for all the students from the European partner countries concerned (Greece, Poland, Portugal and Reunion Island). It can also have an impact on the local and regional level by the means of a local communication and dissemination for the project and through the research of local partners (associations, professionals, local press and mass medias, etc...). We expect this project will have an effect on the participants, but also on their school staff, as well as the parents of the students involved, as the different activities will need the collaboration of people out of the project and working in the establishment and the collaboration of the families too. Throughout these two years, this project will concern several groups of students from 11 to 14 years old, who will take over by writing and keeping a diary every step of the way, in order to maintain the project's consistency. Thus, the project will include several activities planned through a clear logic. Moreover, the results of each activity will be communicated and published on the eTwinning platform. At some point, short-exchanges will take place with all the partner countries (first Greece, then Poland, Portugal and finally Reunion Island). These short-exchanges aim will be the materialization of some activities made in advance and the preparation of the following ones. Before every exchange, videoconferences will be implemented according to each school technical means and possibilities. - First of all, we will prepare an evaluation at the very beginning to draw up in inventory of what does already exist in each establishment, in the families of the students and at the local level (examples relevantly chosen on that theme in each partner establishment and/or region) concerning sustainable development. It will thus allow an awareness on what is already done in that matter and then, the comparison between the different schools will inspire and enhance initiatives to improve the commitment of the establishment and/or region regarding sustainable development. - Then, this theme being quite vast, we will focus in particular on the managing of waste and biodiversity in these different places of Europe. Thus, the partners will present and explain how waste is dealt with inside their schools, in their families or even their local areas. Afterwards, they will introduce and present their local biodiversity by showing a few examples. These examples will allow the discovery by all the participants of the fauna and flora of these different areas. - Furthermore, they will be able to highlight the introduction of some endangered species, explain the origin and cause of that danger (human activities or other) and how the protection of these species is dealt with locally. - Being familiar with this new biodiversity, the students will be brought to awareness regarding the importance of its preservation. This fundamental protection will be demonstrated with examples chosen locally and illustrating relevantly this theme. So to conclude, this project will allow participants to:- become aware that this matter concerns all of us- have a betterknowledge of their region in terms of sustainable development- give meaning to learning- develop a sense of civic duty inside their establishements as well as in their families- be ambassadors of their region during these various short-exchanges throughout Europe- develop language skills- discover other European cultures through this theme- develop digital skills thanks to the use of the eTwinning platform, the creation of slide shows, videos, quiz, etc..."

  • Funder: European Commission Project Code: 2018-1-FR01-KA229-047871
    Funder Contribution: 155,825 EUR

    When one thinks of the early school leaving problem, he automaticaly associate it with learning difficulties. This project has for a goal to go beyond this academic thinking and pay attention to one of the important couse of quitting education too early- unhealthy lifestyle. Unfortunately we do not often realise that eating disorders or lack of physical activities may lead to depression, low self-esteem and other psychological problems that may lead to learning difficulties and what follows early school leaving. This project aims at the groups of teenagers being potentially in danger of early school leaving, coming from the poor social background, where they can not really count on anyone helping them except for school.. It will allow students to have a closer look and evaluate their way of life and adapt proper changes that may influence their wellbeing and so their school results. The project will not only have an influence on the participants but also on their families, which by taking part in some activities and being a part of life of our participants will be affected by the changes. Certain tasks of the project like a programme of prevention eating disorders or all the outcomes in the form of videos or multimeadia presentations will not only be used after the project as a basis to introduce the problem to the students in all our partner schools during the biology / science classes - as it is a part of curriculum, but also will be introduced to the students from the primary schools always visiting the junior high schools before their subsription. All the results will be aslo made available for all the schools in each participating country in the local, regional and national level.


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