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Associazione Strada Europea della Ceramica

Country: Italy

Associazione Strada Europea della Ceramica

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  • Funder: European Commission Project Code: 2021-2-ES02-KA210-YOU-000048168
    Funder Contribution: 60,000 EUR

    << Objectives >>YOUTH4CULTURE project aims to increase the cultural interest of youngsters in the Cultural Routes initiatives through civic participation. In this field, the project will highlight the exchange of best practices in the management and promotion of these Routes in relation to the actions oriented to attract the interest of youngsters and the opportunities that these initiatives give them and their neighbours, like economic development, sustainable tourism attraction, especially in rural areas.<< Implementation >>YOUTH4CULTURE will implement the following activities:1. Kick-off meeting by the CNVC in Spain. 2. Spreading, promoting and engaging the participation of local communities incultural routes initiatives by the Associazione Strada Europea della Ceramica in Italy.3. Project management and local impact activities by AEPJ in Luxembourg.4. Short-term training course by the CULTURAL FOUNDATION ROUTES OF THE OLIVE TREE in Greece.5. Final meeting and final project conference by the CNVC in Spain.<< Results >>The main expected results will be the exchange of experiences and best practices about how to address the involvement and increasing the civic participation of youngsters in the cultural initiatives, like for example providing them information about different activities or opportunities to develop jointly in their environment, exchange of intercultural practices regarding the new European strategies in the field, and including some activities like intercultural dialogue and joint reflection.


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