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Country: Romania


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  • Funder: European Commission Project Code: 2018-1-DE03-KA229-047205
    Funder Contribution: 75,793.6 EUR

    “Clever and Healthy” (C&H) was a collaborative project of Hermann Oberth Schule, Mediaș (Romania), Colegio La Asunción, León (Spain) and Sally-Perel-Gesamtschule (Germany). The German students worked on the project in a weekly 2 hour class “Cultural Studies”, open to pupils of year 9 and 10. The Romanian students worked on the project in a weekly 1 hour class “Economy”, open to pupils of year 7 and 8. The Spanish students worked on the project in a weekly 1 hour class, open to pupils of year 9 and 10 (3rd and 4th ESO). There were about 25 pupils in each group.In C&H the group dealt with ‘healthy lifestyle’ across Europe by dancing, gardening and cooking together. The project was initiated to expand students’ experience and skill in leading a healthy lifestyle and it was seen as one possible way to face the fact that they have little opportunity to exchange across Europe. The first focus of C&H was getting familiar with eTwinning as a tool and using it to meet each other for the first time and to and collaborate. Throughout C&H eTwinning was used for communication, collaboration and documentation. Exercising, which is obviously an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, was addressed by dancing – our second focus - during the project. The “Dance for Kindness” was used as a tool to support dancing. In different ways each group experienced the “Dance for Kindness” in autumn 2018. The students reflected on the event in the eTwinning project “Clever and Healthy: Dance for Kindness 2018”. In this project they asked each other questions about the local event of the “Dance for Kindness” and used the information to present the event of the partner countries. Additionally they discussed their idea of kindness nationally and internationally and developed ways of implementing kindness into everyday life collaboratively by creating pictures, stories cards and presentations on eTwinning. The third focus in C&H was gardening. Gardening is an integral part of producing health food, which is obviously part of a healthy lifestyle as well. In spring 2019 C2 in Romania was used to initiate school gardens for all three partner schools by building mini gardens for the school yard in Romania. The design of these mini gardens was copied for mini gardens in the schools of Spain and Germany after the exchange. The fourth focus was the preparation and shared consumption of healthy food. Parallel to the building of mini gardens the students cooked traditional food from each country which was later eaten by the whole group. All recipes were collected and printed in a cookbook called “Our Taste of Europe”. During the time between C2 and C3 all groups worked on their school gardens. In autumn 2019 C3 took place in Germany. All focusses of the project were picked up again. The shared week was used to exchange on the first gardening season, to cook together, to build insect houses for the German school garden and to dance the “Dance for Kindness”.Due to the COVID 19 pandemic C4 in Spain and all shared live events had to be cancelled. Therefore there was no possibility to use our gardening experience for a second garden season. We also couldn’t meet up for a meeting in Romania during summer 2020. This meeting had originally been planned for job shadowing and pedagogical reflection of the project. The project was finished digitally on the last pages of the eTwinning project “Clever and Healthy: Our Team - Our Story”, where the students reflected on C&H. The results of the project are that eTwinning has been established as a tool at all three schools. Students expanded aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle by exploring into the new when they created school gardens, by dancing together and by tasting healthy food from all three partner countries. Additionally they hugely enjoyed exchanging with their European peers and in their collaboration added to their communication and intercultural skills.

  • Funder: European Commission Project Code: 2020-1-DE03-KA229-077160
    Funder Contribution: 98,644 EUR

    TripleS – Students Support SustainibilityIn TripleS 10- to 12-year-olds from Croatia, Romania and Germany explore ways to face climate change. They gain knowledge to save the climate and use their creativity to spread their knowledge in a song. The song will be composed collaboratively and in its production, recording and performance students experience European unity as they face a fundamental threat to their future. The topic of TripleS ties in with the global interest of very many young people in slowing down climate change and offers ample opportunity to act both environmentally and climate friendly at local and international level. Creativity of young learners is used to find ways of expressing facts and feelings linked to the project’s topic and to be an inspiration to other locals who might feel the same and share the interest of TripleS. During the production of the song and the video young learners experience collaborative work in international groups as one means to solve an existential problem.The song and the accompanying video pick up the main focuses of TripleS: sustainability in food, consumer behaviour and mobility. Various workshops deal with each focus during and in between short-term exchanges of groups of pupils. These workshops and short term projects go alongside with the song composition, production and recording which require strong international cooperation of the three project partners who have agreed to use eTwinning as their means of communication, documentation and evaluation. The three schools contribute towards the project with different skills. The German school has a solid background in music, the Romanian school is experienced in dancing with large groups and the Croatian school is skilled in making traditional instruments. All teams share the interest to act towards saving the climate and are very open to exchange at global and European level. The partners of TripleS intend to further develop their skills both as individuals and as a team of teachers and they plan to include more sustainability issues in their schools’ profiles. Additionally, they aim at inspiring fellow learners and people from their local communities towards a more sustainable lifestyle. At each partner school between 80 and 150 students are frequently involved in project activities. In their work they continuously combine intellectual work on content issues and creative work on the shared song and the accompanying video. The project teachers hope for interesting exchange, inspiring collaboration und peaceful European experience for all participants of TripleS.


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