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Country: Slovenia


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  • Funder: European Commission Project Code: 101083023
    Funder Contribution: 800,000 EUR

    The project addresses the demand of educating professionals in Animal Breeding and Livestock Production on high quality and international standards to provide solutions for sustainable livestock production, animal welfare and combating climate change towards achievement of climate neutrality according to the European Green Deal 2050.A combination of innovative and practice-oriented higher education of young livestock and veterinary specialists, along with a Lifelong Learning (LLL) concept for practicing livestock producers shall provide the requirements necessary for introducing knowledge based solutions into Ukrainian livestock sector.The consortium puts special emphasis on the cooperation between HEIs, business sector and political and social stakeholders. Therefore, the specific objectives are as follows:(1) To modernize Master’s curricula in Animal Breeding, Livestock Production and Veterinary Sciences via joint development and implementation of innovative contents on animal welfare and sustainable livestock production, capacity building of teaching staff and introducing innovative didactic methods.(2) To strengthen cooperation between HEIs and agricultural business sector via cooperation on students’ practical training, LLL and knowledge-transfer activities to provide labor-market oriented education and improve employability of graduates.(3) To establish four innovative centers of excellence for LLL at Ukrainian HEIs in (i) Sustainable Cattle Breeding and Milk Production, (ii) Sustainable Poultry Production and (iii) Sustainable Pig Farming together with an (iv) Information and Knowledge Transfer Center for Sustainable Livestock Production and Animal Welfare. (4) To promote dialogue with policy and civil society to ensure successful implementation of animal welfare standards into the Ukrainian legislation.(5) To facilitate national and international academic exchange via introducing physical and virtual mobility for students among participating HEIs.


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