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Country: France


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  • Funder: European Commission Project Code: 2019-1-DE03-KA229-060136
    Funder Contribution: 18,520 EUR

    "Our Erasmus + KA229 School Partnership project titled ""Different Approaches to Sustainability in Europe"" has its roots in the English-speaking eTwinning project ""Different approaches to sustainability in France and Germany"" (ID 180035) between the two Vocational Schools Lycee Professionnel Les Buissonnets in Angers, France and BBS 1 Goslar -Am Stadtgarten- in Germany. The contact between the two schools came about through a collaboration for Erasmus+ KA102 learning mobilities of individuals. In autumn 2018, the first 3 French students of the retail business of the Lycee Professionnel Les Buissonnets did an internship at retail outlets in Goslar, Germany supported by BBS 1 Goslar -Am Stadtgarten-. In April 2019, a trainee in wholesale and foreign trade will in return do an internship in a wholesale business in Angers. After two teachers from Germany attended the annual Sustainability Week at the LP Les Buissonnets, it was decided to intensify the cooperation between the two schools in form of an eTwinning project on the topic of sustainability including a TwinSpace website. The overriding goal of the project is to acquire basic skills and key competences of the students of the participating project classes with regard to the topic of sustainability. The students should be able to recognize and justify the need for sustainability. The theoretical content will be substantiated with practical examples from the immediate and wider environment in Angers and Goslar. In addition to the topic of environment and climate change in the form of sustainability, the pupils should also improve and deepen their communication skills in the English language of communication. 20-25 pupils of the school class of a vocational school in France (Lycee Professionnel) and Germany take part in the project. All students have a professional and economic profile and acquire competencies in the commercial administration of their schools. On the German side, a twelfth grade of Fachoberschule Wirtschaft takes part, while in France a class of retailers takes part in the project. The teachers, who supervise the project directly in the German and French classes, are both teachers of English and business. The main activities of the project are the working visits of the class from France to Germany in December 2019 and the counter-visit in France end of May 2020, which will be pre-prepared, followed up and documented in the project-accompanying TwinSpace website of the eTwinning project. The activities, which take place in the distance phase between the work visits at both school locations in Angers and Goslar, are to be documented by videos, pictures and text for the project partner and the school and extended public. The main topic of the first working meeting in Goslar in December in Goslar is ""Sustainable Christmas"", which is deepened in further thematically organized activities. At the working meeting in May, the focus will be on ""Sustainable tourism and transport"". Overall, the project should be implemented after project-based learning. For the documentation of the project, preparation and follow-up of the activities and the communication an eTwinning project of the same name was founded. The space provided for eTwining projects, TwinSpace, will be used for online communication, virtual collaboration and presentation of students' project results. The project work follows the concept of blended learning through the combination of classical teaching and digital media and tools such as the TwinSpace. Through the use of explanatory videos, elements of the flipped classroom are also to be integrated into the lessons. The primary result of the project is the TwinSpace filled with the documentation, results and action products of the project. As the first Erasmus + school partnership project, both of the LP Les Buissonnets and the BBS 1 Goslar -Am Stadtgarten- the project has model character for both schools. The experience gained in the project will be directly incorporated into subsequent projects. For this purpose, the TwinSpace will be made public after completion of the project. The developed activities, teaching materials and work sheets from the field of sustainability should also be made available to all interested teachers within and outside the two schools. The competences in the project management of the participating teachers strengthened by the organization of the project will benefit future projects."


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