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Country: Iran (Islamic Republic of)


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  • Funder: European Commission Project Code: 598189-EPP-1-2018-1-SE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
    Funder Contribution: 953,319 EUR

    The Middle East suffers serious environmental issues and hence needs modernization and capacity building on environmental management. This project aims for sustainable capacity building on using spatial data infrastructures (SDI) and related technologies for environmental management in the Middle East. EU and non-EU universities as well as local stakeholders in the Middle East will collaborate as a consortium to perform the project. An existing master program in environmental management using GIS (GeoNetC) will be implemented in Yemen as well as more universities in Iran. Three innovative and blended courses on applications of spatial data infrastructure and related technologies for environmental management will be developed to be taught in HEIs. The courses will be developed based on the needs of universities, stakeholders and the region in general. E-learning systems will be setup in partner universities to offer the courses to students and stakeholders on a distance and blended mode, besides in campus training. It is in line with meeting the priority of the region on using ICT-based and flexible education in the Middle East. A Geoportal for environmental management (emGeo) will be developed and implemented to facilitate spatial data management, sharing and analysis in the region to support a better collaborative knowledge-based environmental management. Training of trainers will be conducted for partner universities on how to teach and update the courses and use emGeo. Several workshops with the participation of HEIs, stakeholders, associate partners and students will be held to disseminate the outcomes/outputs of the project. Culturing the use of SDI and related technologies for environmental management and enterprise-university cooperation will be motivated and addressed during the project, especially in the workshops.

  • Funder: European Commission Project Code: 617496-EPP-1-2020-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
    Funder Contribution: 877,059 EUR

    UNI-TEL has the aim to modernise Engineering and STEM curricula in the PC HEIs involved in the project thanks to the development and implementation of an innovative pedagogical methodology that promotes computer-supported collaborative learning approaches. The main idea is to put together EU HEIs which possess and supply cutting-edge developments, innovative learning practices and extensive international experience and HEIs from Iran which need and demand the same developments, practices and experience for the sake of Harmonisation of the HE systems. The consortium combines the expertise of 3 EU HEIs in IT, FI and PT and 1 company in GR, as well as 7 HEIs and 1 company in IR. The following key results will be achieved:1. A more flexible accessibility to training opportunities thanks to ICT-based approaches, innovative tools and systems (virtual labs, e-tivities etc.) and self-assessment procedures2. Training and assistance to lecturers and instructional designers in pedagogical scripts and instructional scaffolding to enhance self-directed and collaborative learning, integrating methodology and contents that would equip them with transversal and key competences for their active inclusion in the global digital learning space3. Modernised University curricula in Engineering and STEM studies where the contemporary TEL approaches and contents are integrated4. Implementing a quality based approach for quality assurance of TEL courses according to standard accreditation practices at PC HEIsUNI-TEL is expected to create short/long-term benefits for HE, business and society through:- enhancement of the inter-cultural dialog among the participating countries;- inspiring the supply of open accessible and free of cost educational resources;- provision of a common framework for the exchange and synthesis of experiences and best practices gained through collaboration of experts from different sectors of EU and Iran;- fostering the link: education-business-society.

  • Funder: European Commission Project Code: 618843-EPP-1-2020-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
    Funder Contribution: 970,266 EUR

    "The wider objective of the project is to update and improve the quality of curricula in the sphere of Sustainability for Architectural Heritage (Historic BIM and Urban Historic Landscapes) in RF, Armenia and Iran to meet the needs of sustainable development of a global market. Specific project objectives are development and testing of new interdisciplinary training models for BA and MA degree level curricula of architectural practical-oriented education for Architectural Heritage, creation of an interactive platform for education, science, practitioners and authorities in order to form modern professional competences of specialists, responding to the needs of a sustainable society in the sphere of Architectural Heritage. To solve these issues we will create an effective team of representatives from all of the universities within the consortium and associate members.The main idea is to form a core of knowledge (new curricula and syllabi for degree courses) for the formation of a new type of architect-restorers with a good scientific base who are able to adapt to the technological evolutions and provide innovative solutions for heritage structures. Much attention in the project will be paid to teachers from RF, Armenia and Iran retraining in EU universities. This will allow, on one hand to change the outlook of teachers with an emphasis on interdisciplinary knowledge, and on the other, to prepare new courses and upgrade existing courses necessary for the implementation of the new curriculum.Another innovative solution in the project is the creation of the Network of Multidisciplinary Centres of ""Sustainability for Architectural Heritage"" (NSAH) for the creative training of architect-restorers in the context of interdisciplinary skills. The network will use the up-to-date video conferencing technologies for students and members to access lectures and seminars conducted by lecturers from leading EU universities."


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