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LEAP le Cep d'or

Country: France

LEAP le Cep d'or

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  • Funder: European Commission Project Code: 2014-1-DE03-KA201-001286
    Funder Contribution: 92,650 EUR

    "CONTEXT and PARTNERSThe name of the project “CARE and SHARE – capacity building for vocational and personal well-being” can already be seen as a short description of the project rationale.The partners are vocational schools in Mühldorf a. Inn (Germany), Clermont l`Herault (France), Hyvinkää (Finland) and Andorf (Austria). All have a focus on Care, Nutrition, Health, and Service professions – people professions. Our students are in the age of 15 to 20.In the current project we want to deepen the cooperation by SHARING expertise in the field of capacity building for vocational and personal well-being (CARE). As in past projects, new schools and new departments will be involved ad hoc in learning activities and in activities via eTwinning (Imola, Italy).OBJECTIVESWe recognize the significance of student well -being in their vocational education in our schools. But what about the needs of their further working lives? The global work environment makes increasing demands on workers e.g. more work in less time, a longer working life, the necessity to change jobs and even professions several times in one life. There is a need to equip our students with capacity building skills to meet these challenges. As a first step we see the task of vocational schooling increasingly in capacity building for vocational and personal well-being. The projects title shows that we wish to cooperate and share practices. There are innovative and good practices in each school as we know from past joint projects. ""Well-being"" is a new major theme in each of our school quality management policies and in regional authorities and regional and national educational bodies.ACTIVITIESWe organise international Learning/Teaching/and Training activities that are based on the Curriculum of each partner. Each activity contains four fixed parts: 1 Didactic emphasis2 Vocational emphasis3 Partner expertise4 International buffet According to our project-title “CARE and SHARE” we have strong didactic activities on Open Educational Resources (OER), we distribute knowledge e.g. from Austria in several didactic inputs on OER. As vocational activity the international EU-classes with students from all partners will organize by themselves well-being days for different target groups (e.g. vocational topic seniors or children). Teachers monitor the processes. At each meeting there will be special input using the expertise of one partner e.g. input on new living situations for seniors in household communities (Germany). As all schools have the background of nutrition, health and care we include into every activity-week an international buffet; therefore students have to collect traditional recipes, organize groceries, cook together and present what they created – this gives an additional sharing situation for our students. Of course in-between activity meetings we will nurture our project with educational excursions that support our topic e.g. visit to well-being trade fair in Finland, visit to service providers “meals on wheel” in Germany etc. METHODOLOGYBased on a questionnaire, which is done by the Finnish partner, all partners pilot the questionnaire and find out what students need to experience well-being in their vocational education and in their personal life (self-assessment).In project meetings core-team teachers analyse the results of the questionnaires and manage upcoming activities. The heart of our project “CARE and SHARE” will be the activities where students from all partners take part. There the focusses are on didactical inputs (we want to learn and share), vocational work (we want to get the students to work in international teams on topics based on their curricula, peer teaching and self-organized learning), expertise input from partners (we want to share knowledge) and on common hands-on professional cultural work, by producing international buffets at each meeting.RESULTSThe main result will be an improvement in students’ well-being in their education for their working situation and private lives as strong part of their self-trust. This is how we want to build students’ capacity to stay in their education, to keep up with educational tasks. This is how we want to decrease dropout rates of students – also drop outs shortly before examination periods. This well-being of students infects also teachers and the further educational community.We want to deepen the cooperation within different departments in our school and we want to open our school families for stakeholders that foster our education. Awareness of our vocational education in our different regions helps us to attract new students and to make sure that our attractive vocational education is being noticed in public.Thus ""CARE and SHARE"" – will contribute to capacity building for vocational and personal well-being."


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