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Country: Georgia


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  • Funder: EC Project Code: 602188-EPP-1-2018-1-GE-EPPKA2-CBY-EP-CSF
    Funder Contribution: 149,750 EUR

    The 24-months project “Hobby Education for Active Citizenship – Building Local Capacities for Youth Participation” is organised in cooperation of International Scout Centre Rustavi (GEO), Association of Ukrainian Guides (UA), Houens Odde Spejdercenter (DK), and Keuropa ry (FI.)The project aims to strengthen the capacity of local youth structures – notably youth civil society organisations and municipal youth departments - in Eastern Partnership Countries on empowering young people with fewer opportunities to contribute to community development, especially in regards to pressuring youth issues.Therefore, the project pursues three interdependent objectives that aid the capacity building of young leaders, youth organisations and municipal stakeholders for youth:- To enhance the competences of young leaders in developing and implementing educational youth projects using scouting as an educational approach for youth empowerment- To improve the quality and recognition of scouting as a form of hobby education for youth empowerment at municipal level- To enhance sustainable cooperation between youth organisations and municipal youth departments on fostering hobby education for young people with fewer opportunitiesA set of complementary activities is organised in three activity clusters shall reach these objectives:- Cluster 1: Young Leaders for Development Programme (YLDP) composed of training courses, job-shadowing, and a coaching phase to enable youth leaders to become young educators and multipliers for hobby education on community level- Cluster 2: Enhancing Quality and Recognition of Scouting composed of the creation of educational guidelines, summer camps and youth-led campaign promoting hobby education- Cluster 3: Municipal Youth Development Programme composed of study visit for youth workers, young leaders and representatives of local authorities and a “Youth Empowerment Community Programme” (YECP) for young people with fewer opportunities in the Georgian and Ukrainian partner organisationsWith these activities, the following key results will be achieved:The success indicators for the project are defined below:- 48 young leaders from GEO, UA, FI and DK enhanced their educational competences for educational youth projects for young people with fewer opportunities- At least 5000 people are directly reached with the campaign on hobby education and active citizenship and the recognition of hobby education is increased among them- 6 local partnership for joint realisation of youth empowerment programmes are formalised with MoUs between youth organisations , local municipalities and potential other local stakeholders in GEO and UA- 24 youth empowerment programmes (realised in 2 rounds in 6 communities per country) using hobby education are realised in GEO and UA involving at least 480 young people and strengthening their confidence and abilities for youth participation


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