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Liceul Tehnologic Matei Basarab

Country: Romania

Liceul Tehnologic Matei Basarab

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  • Funder: European Commission Project Code: 2016-1-LV01-KA219-022656
    Funder Contribution: 127,105 EUR

    "According to the latest research, one of the most important reasons of dropouts in education is the lack of lifelong learning skills in the field of ICT. Improving these skills is not only a good ground for support in the learning process, but also a necessity in work. In addition, the need of essential e-learning experience of teachers for implementing the process ""learning in the working place"" is important. Minimizing dropout rate is one of priorities proposed by EU. The main goal of the project “ICT FOR MINIMIZING DROPOUTS” was to exchange of good practices among six partner schools. They have been chosen by the principle of being second chance schools (including secondary and vocational schools). All schools have had a challenge in addressing the dropout problem and supporting the students who have started their learning process after a long gap or have come from social risk families, or have had different problems in previous educational organizations. Giving students optimal support has reduced the amount of dropout students in all partner schools. One of the approaches used in the implementation of the project was meaningful use of ICT for promoting youth interest in learning and cooperation in order to reduce dropouts. Therefore, the ideas borrowed purposefully and introduced through every school’s experience was useful for further work of minimizing dropouts in every partner school.There were five project partner schools:1) VENTSPILS SECONDARY SCHOOL Nr. 6 from Latvia is the secondary educational organization for students aged between 7-40 years old and the project coordinator. The school' s motto - It is modern to be smart! 2) TAURAGES SUAUGUSIUJU MOKYMO CENTRAS from Lithuania is the secondary educational organization where students of age from 16 to 44 have the possibility of choosing the studying form: extramural form, distance learning and daily studies. 3) SARAYÖNÜ MEHMET EMINE AKDOGAN ANADOLU LISESI from Turkey is a public Anatolia High School for pupils aged between 14-18 years old. 4) COLEGIUL TEHNIC MATEI BASARAB from Romania is a Technical Vocational Education and Training high school that offers a variety of specializations in different fields. The school mission is to promote qualitative education, which is open and flexible to student needs. 5) ISTITUTO PROFESSIONALE DI STATO PER I SERVIZI DI ENOGASTRONOMIA E OSPITALITA' ALBERGHIERA POTENZA from Italy is a kind of vocational hotel school that provides technical training and a professional maturity for the access to different areas of work and/or to continue the studies at university. There were implemented three kinds of activities:1)Transnational meeting activities held on the preparation stage M1 and the final stage of the project M2. 2) Four short-term joint staff training events in Latvia, Romania and Lithuania C1/C4/C5.3) One blended mobility of school learners in Turkey C3.Furthermore, every partner has been contributed to the implementation of the following project activities: 1) sharing good experiences (A2),2) production of video-films for practical ICT use and for finding out students thoughts on dropouts (A3),3) production of video-interviews when students interview the employers for practical ICT use and for getting knowledge about skills for job market (A4),4) production of video-interviews with the youth who has graduated the school (A5),5) seminars and/or brainstorms for students and/or parents (A6),6) surveys for students for summarizing and comparing data for more optimal support system (A7),7) development and implementation of the on-line course on ""Carreer Education in the Context of the European Single Market"" to improve students’ ICT and foreign language skills as an opportunity to make career and learning motivation (A8),8) surveys on feedback for using them in evaluation of the project, as well as for improve content and organizational quality during the project (A9),9) implementation activity press releases and/or publications in media for popularizing ideas of the project (A10),10) dissemination of the results (A11),11) communication among partners through ICT (A12),12) group on Facebook for involving as many teachers and students as possible (A13).Because of the project, problems connected with dropouts and reasons for them were identified, possible solutions and recommendations for solving these problems were gathered. Project results are available for all interested persons on the project web page: www.dropoutmin.eu. Concerning the potential longer-term benefits, every partner has experienced new methodical approaches for providing individual support to students in order to reduce students` dropout by using ICT. In addition, the online course ""Career Education in the Context of the European Single Market"" is an open source that can be used by every partner in the future for motivating the students to finish the school."


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