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Country: Serbia


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  • Funder: European Commission Project Code: 598977-EPP-1-2018-1-RS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
    Funder Contribution: 877,732 EUR

    Effective provision of preschool education sets the foundation for children’s lifelong learning, social integration, personal development and employability. It directly correlates with quality preschool teachers education and training and their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) practices.Within the KEY project ECEC practitioners, educators and regulators in Serbia and Montenegro join efforts with EU partners to design modern pathways to efficient CPD system for preschool teachers based on the introduction of professional learning communities (PLC) approach, going beyond the training courses required for teachers certification encouraging them to review the learning needs, acquire new knowledge/competences through formal, informal and non-formal learning throughout their careers while enabling HEIs to provide students with competences they need to adapt to globalised settings, where creativity, innovation, initiative, and commitment to continuous learning are as important as knowledge.Establishing 6 ECEC learning hubs at participating HEIs as operational facilities supporting teachers and practitioners training specialized in 5 different areas (inclusive education – work with socially deprived children and their families, Roma and migrant children; education for sustainable development across the curriculum; ICT in preschool education, work with gifted children and their families, teaching English to preschool children) is the project main output. Other products include CPD courses and materials, Guidelines on M&E and QA in CPD, CPD model of standards, introduction of Moodle platform in CPD. In sustained efforts to address equality and inclusion, project outputs will be prepared in Serbian, English, Romani and Hungarian.KEY project will impact ECEC learning communities in Serbia and Montenegro, bringing about greater value of teachers profession and students and young professionals learning competences and skills mandatory for their careers in 21 century.


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