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Endresz György Általános Iskola

Country: Hungary

Endresz György Általános Iskola

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  • Funder: European Commission Project Code: 2020-1-PL01-KA229-081840
    Funder Contribution: 130,682 EUR

    "The ""Discovering Europe with English"" project is aimed at students aged 13-15 from four partner schools in Poland, Spain, Italy and Hungary. The project's essence is based on the identified needs in each institution: developing transversal key competences of students, mainly strengthening language and cultural skills, building motivation for learning and student autonomy for learning through the use of modern methods and approaches innovative, activating and attractive digital technology tools. Project participants through the implementation of local and mobility tasks will build an environment conducive to learning English, communication and deepening their interests and knowledge in the field of learning culture, history, as well as ecology and environmental protection.They will carry out their tasks through local activities; work and meetings in the Twin Space on the e-twinning platform or participation in international mobility. The project is a response to the diagnosed needs of all participating institutions ""such as improving communication in English, increasing cultural, digital and personal competence. Through implementation project tasks, young people will be open to the world, build the cultural awareness of diverse Europe, focus on raising awareness and reflection on global problems related to environmental activities and raising motivation to learn through meetings and communication from partner schools.The project ""Discovering Europe with English will last two years,""The basis of the undertaking will be the implementation of the e-Twinning project under the same title ""Discovering Europe with English"" and work on the Twin-Space platform, which is why the start of the project includes training based on learning, developing the skills of using the e-Twiining platform, using tools, applications, and the use of a variety of digital methods and techniques to increase the attractiveness of teaching and communication between participants. the training will aim to significantly improve professional skills.The e-Twinning project will connect participants on a daily basis, fulfill and develop project tasks both in the areas of communication between partners and improving language competences, as well as in the area of ​​deepening cultural and ecological knowledge. The use of attractive digital tools, forms of exhibitions of your works and achievements, opportunities for ""live"" meetings at Twin Space and being in your group during the implementation of local tasks will certainly be a great complement and development of mobility activities that are foreseen in the country of each partner. The project provides for 4 short mobility trips to individual partner countries - each country will prepare a 5-day cultural and educational program of stay in various, attractive and active forms: quizzes, field games, artistic workshops, trips - exploring the region and field activities, experiences and observations , using IT technology - creating films, presentations, tourist brochures. Four student mobility to schools are planned, in which 40 students and 8 teachers will participate each time. Mobility meetings will also focus on cultural, ecological and language development issues, group cooperation, tolerance. Cultural diversity of participants will permeate the entire project, all activities and will be an extraordinary added value to the implementation of project tasks. Cooperation, observation and reflection will also promote the exchange of experiences between students and teachers from different parts of Europe, which in turn will promote the consolidation of good practices and build awareness of the diversity of cultures, history and traditions, and shape attitudes of tolerance and openness.Communication between project participants will take place in English, as one of the aims of the project is to increase the language competence of participants. By creating an interesting learning environment - learning about the cultures and history of countries, customs and traditions, visiting interesting places during mobility stays as well as presentations and meetings on-line in the e-twinning project - participants will create a climate conducive to achieving the goals and achieving project results. They will not only raise their key competences, but also build the attitudes of people with high cultural awareness, openness to diversity, sensitivity to ecology and environmental protection - as one of the biggest challenges facing humanity.Thanks to the project, we will promote the idea of ​​mobility and international cooperation, achieving the European dimension of schools, a huge transfer of knowledge about the world and learning about great European culture, broadening horizons, motivation to learn and student autonomy and futeure development."


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