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  • project . 2018 - 2020
    Funder: EC Project Code: 801440
    Overall Budget: 100,000 EURFunder Contribution: 100,000 EUR
    Open Access mandate for Publications
    Partners: Ubiwhere

    Ubiwhere has been commercialising a low-cost, seamless and straightforward-to-install system entitled Smart Parking, composed of vehicle-detection electromagnetic sensors and an intelligent software platform to collect and process all the data. Through this system, park...

  • project . 2020 - 2023
    Funder: EC Project Code: 958832
    Overall Budget: 3,156,320 EURFunder Contribution: 2,398,130 EUR
    Open Access mandate for Publications and Research Data
    Partners: I2CAT, Ubiwhere, ACCELLERAN, Nextworks (Italy), EDP DISTR

    Even though the potential of 5G technology is well known, having it massively deployed and available to end-users is not an easy task. To unlock all of 5G’s use cases at scale, smaller radio equipment and antennas (Small Cells) must be deployed in a dense manner across ...

  • project . 2015 - 2018
    Funder: EC Project Code: 687992
    Overall Budget: 2,156,840 EURFunder Contribution: 1,999,520 EUR
    Open Access mandate for Publications and Research Data
    Partners: Ubiwhere, UPMC, PRES, FHG, INRIA, TUB

    EMBERS will bring to market a back-end for smart city mobility that is developed by a European small enterprise based upon its smart parking and smart traffic management products that two municipalities in Portugal currently deploy. The Mobility Back-end as a Service (M...

  • project . 2020 - 2022
    Funder: EC Project Code: 871525
    Overall Budget: 4,999,920 EURFunder Contribution: 4,999,920 EUR
    Open Access mandate for Publications and Research Data
    Partners: University of Duisburg-Essen, VRT, NSN, TUW, Ubiwhere, IBM ISRAEL, Thales (France), ATC, University of Southampton

    Cloud computing is transitioning from a few large data centres to a truly decentralized computing paradigm. Computing resources are increasingly provided near the network edge, in a geographically distributed way, in the form of so-called fog nodes. Data produced in end...

  • project . 2014 - 2016
    Funder: EC Project Code: 619132
    Open Access mandate for Publications Special Clause 39
    Partners: ABEINSA BD, UMA, Ubiwhere, Software for Critical Systems (Spain), IHP GMBH, Abengoa Water, Addition, Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio, UT SEMIDE, Simbiente...
21 projects, page 1 of 5
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