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    Magdahalena Magdahalena; Rasmah Nursira;
    Publisher: Universitas Sulawesi Barat

    Writing is still considered as a difficult skill in language learning by Indonesian students. For that reason, it is urgent for teacher to seek for interesting ways to teach writing in the classroom. This study examines the effectiveness of the use of peer feedback technique to improve students’ skill in writing descriptive paragraph. Some studies have proved the effectiveness of the technique to improve students’ writing skill. The study employs experimental research in which one class of 20 students is taught to write narrative paragraph and correct their paragraph using peer feedback technique. The result of the study shows that the technique improves the students writing skill in narrative writing, however the scores are not significant. This suggests that there is a factor that affects the result of the teaching using peer feedback, and it is the less time of treatment which is indicated as the factor.

  • Open Access English
    Adinda Cahya Magfirah, Adinda;
    Country: Indonesia
  • Open Access English
    Muhammad Kamal Zubair;
    Publisher: Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Salatiga

    This research is intended to find customer understanding on profit sharingconcept on BMT Fauzan Adzimah in Parepare. Customer perception onprofit sharing of the BMT shows higher rank on the level of 67%. This canbe seen in some factors: level of understanding, decision on certain object,emotional engagement and behavior because of emotion and attitude.This can happen because of the people understanding and access towardfinancing system and also the promotion of BMT. The existence of BMTFauzan Adzimah through profit sharing has provide high positive outcomein community vocation in developing micro business in Parepare.

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