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  • Open Access English
    Adinda Cahya Magfirah, Adinda;
    Country: Indonesia
  • Open Access Indonesian
    Karim, Abdul Rahim;
    Publisher: UIR Press
    Country: Indonesia

    This study aims to reveal how Islamic religious education in the boarding school system in public schools is characterized by the 5 Parepare Public Schools and the Taruna Nala Public High Schools in East Java. This study employs a qualitative approach with multi site studies design. The data collection techniques are participant observation, semi-structured interviews, and documentation review. The data analysis techniques are modified analytic induction and interactive model data analysis of Miles and Huberman. The data validity is checked through credibility, dependability, confirmability, and transferability. The results of this study can provide understanding that the reinforcement program applied in Islamic education learning through boarding school activities consists of daily, weekly, and the annual program. Furthermore, the reinforcement efforts are conducted for reinforce the Islamic education learning through boarding school activities there are in the classroom and schools and dormitories.

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