• Makiawelizm w filozofii polityki i życiu publicznym

    Article Polish OPEN
    Brzechczyn, Krzysztof; (2016)
    5 1 320 326 17 Filozofia Publiczna i Edukacja Demokratyczna
  • Edukacja na rzecz zwierząt i ich praw. Uwagi w kontekście dyskursu o przemocy wobec zwierząt

    Article Polish OPEN
    Helios, Joanna; (2016)
    The purpose of this article is to present the issues of violence against animals. This text is educational in nature. Sometime in our society violence against animals is often marginalized. Humanitarianism and animal welfare are pushed into the background. I...
  • Edukacja demokratyczna według Hannah Arendt

    Article Polish OPEN
    Eliasz, Katarzyna; (2016)
    Among various modes of the vita activa considered by Hannah Arendt, the ability for action and particularly political action is the crucial one as it endows life with meaning and constitutes human freedom. The question I address in this essay is whether it i...
  • Kształtowanie umiejętności wnioskowania sylogistycznego

    Article Polish OPEN
    Smolak, Maciej; (2015)
    The article consists of two parts. In the first part the author presents the characteristics of syllogistic reasoning, in the second part describes a set of exercises that are useful in teaching and developing the skill of syllogistic reasoning. The exercises b...
  • Demokratyczna legitymizacja prawa – tworzenie i stosowanie prawa (zarys problemu)

    Article Polish OPEN
    Bekrycht, Tomasz; (2016)
    The aim of the article by the way of introduction is a sketching out some remarks from a perspective of philosophy of law concerning the contemporary crisis, which currently take place in many countries in Europe and in the EU. The author claims that the dis...
  • Metoda normatywnej rekonstrukcji jako narzędzie krytyki społecznej

    Article Polish OPEN
    Byczyński, Marcin J.; (2017)
    The main objective of this article is to introduce Axel Honneth’s method of normative reconstruction. The stages of its development will be shown—beginning from the intuitive reconstructions of empirically available social normativity up to the perspective of social cri...
  • Czy jesteśmy odpowiedzialni za nasze działania?

    Article Polish OPEN
    Seel, Gerhard; (2015)
    The article discusses a responsibility game which is, in fact a ‘question-answer-game’. Firstly, the characteristic of the responsibility game is made. Secondly, the ontology of the responsibility game is settled. Thirdly, the causality of our intentions and ...
  • Publiczne finansowanie sztuki w kontekście zasady neutralności światopoglądowej państwa – podejście filozoficznoprawne

    Article Polish OPEN
    Wojdala, Magdalena; (2016)
    The aim of the article is to analyze the issue of public funding of art in the context of state’s neutrality principle. In the first part of the paper I present theoretical dimension of the problem of neutral and perfectionist justification for public authoriti...
  • U podstaw myśli etycznej Leszka Kołakowskiego

    Article Polish OPEN
    Olczyk, Adam; (2016)
    The article discusses primary matters of Leszek Kołakowski’s ethical thought. For that purpose, the analysis focuses on the need to justify the content of natural law. Kołakowski maintains that the development of communication and growth of cities are foundatio...
  • Etyka zawodowa pracowników państwowych organów kontroli

    Article Polish OPEN
    Łabieniec, Paweł; (2016)
    State audit institutions constitute a very important part of the contemporary model of state. Auditors (people employed by state audit institutions), being professionals, should fulfill many duties which are customarily assigned to them by the society. In their...
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