• Belleza y profanación

    Article English OPEN
    Scruton , Roger; (2016)
    International audience; The following article is about beauty, and the questions that worry us today: just what is the role of beauty in the life that is growing around us? How do we distinguish it from its fake versions? And how do we defend it against the surrounding ...
  • Aproximaciones a la ontología del arte

    Article Spanish OPEN
    Vélez León , Paulo; (2006)
    International audience; El presenta trabajo describe y caracteriza de manera breve y concisa lo que podría ser una ontología del arte. En la primera sección se presentan las dificultades actuales, así como las nociones y preguntas principales de la ontología. En la secc...
  • : Conjectures on the relationship between philosophy and the art world

    Article Spanish OPEN
    Vélez León, Paulo,; (2014)
    International audience; This writing makes a brief historical review, through some epistemological assumptions, on the philosophical reflections on the art world, its status, development and «functioning» in order to pave the way for a further description of the problem...
  • Una aproximación a la hermenéutica desde el séptimo arte

    Article Spanish OPEN
    Rincón , Alexander; (2017)
    International audience; In this essay, Hermeneutics is approached as the innate ontological attitude of the human being in his close relation with phenomenology and in analogy with the development of science. It is a question of analyzing the determinant role played by ...
  • El principe payaso de la revolución. Sobre Slavoj Žižek, un nuevo tipo de pensador de la izquierda

    Article English OPEN
    Scruton , Roger; (2016)
    International audience; A few decades ago a new kind of leftist thinker has emerged —one who clothes his revolutionary zeal in a layer of irony, half-dismissing his own impractical idealism as though speaking through the face paint of a clown. Under this framework, this...
  • The aesthetics reception [La recepción estética]

    Article Spanish; Castilian OPEN
    Presas, Mario A.; (2016)
    International audience; Economic security is a goal of comprehensive social protection, dimension of the policy of old age and key element in the quality of life. Its scope differs according to the degree of demographic transition, economic development and state protect...
  • Analysis of the social in the work The funerals of the Big Mama by Gabriel García Márquez

    Article Spanish OPEN
    Sarango Jaramillo , Cristhian; Jarrín Machuca , María Verónica; Rangel Rangel , Valmiro; Chacón Peña , Sergio; Le Baut Ayuso , Tania; Martín Hernández , Julia; (2018)
    International audience; In this work the social situation of the society in the short story of García Márquez is researched in one of his best-known short stories, the story «Los funerales de Mama Grande » of 1962. In it, all the components of the society fabulated by t...
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