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  • Publication . Article . 2021
    Open Access
    Publisher: United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

    Integral transformations on a finite interval with a singular basis wavelet are considered. Using a sequence of such transformations, the problem of nonparametric approximation of a function is solved. Traditionally, it is assumed that the validity condition must be met for a basic wavelet (the average value of the wavelet must be zero). The paper develops the previously proposed method of singular wavelets when the tolerance condition is not met. In this case Delta-shaped functions that participate in Parzen – Rosenblatt and Nadaray – Watson estimations can be used as a basic wavelet. The set of wavelet transformations for a function defined on a numeric axis, defined locally, and on a finite interval were previously investigated. However, the study of the convergence of the decomposition on a finite interval was carried out only in one particular case. It was due to technical difficulties when trying to solve this problem directly. In the paper the idea of evaluating the periodic continuation of a function defined initially on a finite interval is implemented. It allowed to formulate sufficient convergence conditions for the expansion of the function in a series. An example of approximation of a function defined on a finite interval using the sum of discrete wavelet transformations is given.

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