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  • Open Access
    V. V. Savinkin; I. V. Shagaev; S. V. Savinkin; V. N. Kuznetsova; A. V. Sandu;
    Publisher: Siberian State Automobile and Highway University (SibADI)

    Introduction. The problem of the shortage of energy-efficient restoration technologies makes it a priority to develop new technological equipment for the restoration of the rolling surfaces of railway wheels using highly concentrated energy sources. Currently, in the practice of repair DPO, discarded non-bonded wheels are increasingly replaced with new ones, but their resource potential is high during the operation. This approach is not technically and economically feasible.Materials and methods. This article presents the results of the strength calculation of the main moments of forces and dynamic loads per wheel pair. The problem of repair equipment related to the lack of the independent mobile complexes that ensure prompt arrival at the work site and high quality restoration of the design geometry of the wheel surface is formulated.Results. To solve this problem, a mobile complex was designed and developed, which allows to restore the design geometry and modify the high physical and mechanical properties of the riding surface with optimal stresses in the phase structure of the wheel base.Discussion and conclusion. It is recommended to use the results of the research carried out for the design, creation and production of high-tech repair equipment.

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