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  • Open Access
    D. A. Arefyeva; V. B. Firsanov; D. D. Kuruch; R. E. Bryukhov; V. A. Tarita;
    Publisher: SPRI of Radiation Hygiene Prof. PV Ramzaev

    The article describes a method for calibrating a gamma ray spectrometer using a three-dimensional simulation program for the transfer and registration of ionizing radiation. In the example of calibration of plane source counters (filter AFA-RMP20), this method allows one to determine the activity by using spectrometric equipment based on inorganic scintillation crystals. We proposed a method for parametric estimation of the identity of the calculated and experimental spectrum based on the Pearson agreement criterion. We then performed interlaboratory comparisons. The results demonstrate that the difference between measured values of the activity in the test samples of radionuclides using obtained calibration and values measured with a semiconductor based calibrated spectrometer do not exceed 20%.

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