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    I. K. Romanovich;
    Publisher: Saint-Petersburg Research Institute of Radiation Hygiene after Professor P.V. Ramzaev

    For the provision of the radiation safety of the public during the termination of the nuclear and radiation legacy within the boundaries of the Federal Targeted Program “Provision of the nuclear and radiation safety for 2016-2020 and up to 2030”, the following documents were developed: draft of the sanitary rules “Hygienic requirements for the remediation of the facilities and territories contaminated by man-made and natural radionuclides due to the past activities of the facilities of nuclear and non-nuclear branches of industry” and three methodical guidelines on the survey of the remediated territories, buildings and structures and assessment of the doses of the public residing in the zone of influence of the nuclear legacy facilities. The sanitary rules were based on the directions of the future use of the remediated territories, buildings and structures as well as on the radiation-hygienic safety criteria. It was assumed that dose criteria for the public considering the quota (0.3 mSv/year) is applied for remediated sites of the nuclear facilities (radiation facilities). The remediation of the radioactively contaminated areas with the residing public is based on the requirements of the Federal Law № 1244-1, 15.05.1991 “On the social protection of the citizens exposed due to the Chernobyl NPP accident”. Originally the drafts of documents were developed considering the approval in 2019 of the new Norms of the Radiation Safety – 2019, harmonized with the international recommendations and standards. Due to prolongation of the existing Norms of the Radiation Safety 99//2009 for the extra five years, the drafts of the regulations are adapted to the existing NRB 99/2009 and OSPORB 99/2010.

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