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    O. Menozzi; C. Tamburrinoa;
    Publisher: Multi Science Publishing
    Country: Cyprus

    The team of Chieti University is involved in a GIS project of the monumental rupestrian necropolis of the Greco-Roman site of Cyrene (Libya). Because of the large number and of the monumentality of the tombs and of the rocky sanctuaries, the team is composed of a large number of scholars and technicians, including archaeologists, topographers, geologists, anthropologists, biologists, natural scientists, restorers and architects, working together and using different technologies, both for mapping and for projecting restoration and valorisation of these splendid but almost unknown monuments. In order to explain the methodologies and the technologies in use for this project, the Painted tombs of the northern and southern necropolis are presented in this paper, as examples of the technical protocols and of the multidisciplinary approach converging into a multilayer GIS project. CAAM (Centre of Athenaeum of Archaeometry and Microanalysis), Archaeological and Geological Unit - DISPUTER, University G. D'Annunzio of Chieti-Pescara, University Campus Via dei Vestini 31, 66013, Chieti, Italy.

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