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    Kuzma Strelnikov;
    Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media LLC

    Modern neuroimaging techniques, such as PET and fMRI, attracted specialists in cognitive processing to the problems of brain energy and its transformations in relation to information processing. Neuroenergetics has experienced explosive progress during the last decade, complex biochemical and biophysical models of energy turnover in the brain necessitate the search of the general principles behind them, which could be linked to the cognitive view of the brain. In our conceptual descriptive generalization, we consider how the basic thermodynamical reasoning can be used to better understand brain energy. We suggest how thermodynamical principles can be applied to the existing data and theories to obtain the holistic framework of energetic processes in the brain coupled with information processing. This novel and purely descriptive framework permits the integration of approaches of different disciplines to cognitive processing: psychology, physics, physiology, mathematics, molecular biology, biochemistry, etc. Thus, the proposed general principled approach would be helpful for specialists from different fields of cognition.

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