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  • Open Access
    Camille Simon; Rainer Schütze; Frank Boochs; Franck Marzani;
    Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
    Country: France

    International audience; We present a novel method to register multispectral acquisitions on a 3D model. The method is based on the external tracking of the acquisition systems using close-range photogrammetric techniques: multiple calibrated cameras simultaneously observe the successive acquisition systems in use. The views from these cameras are used to precisely determine the position of each acquisition system. All datasets can then be projected in the same coordinate system. The registration is thus independent from the quality and content of the data. This method is well suited to the study of cultural heritage or any other application where we do not wish to place targets on the object. We describe the method and the simulation pipeline used to find an adequate setup for two case studies.

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