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  • other research product . Article . Conference object . Other ORP type . 2017
    Open Access English
    Hörandel, J.R.; Bonardi, A.; Buitink, S.; Corstanje, A.; Falcke, H.; Mitra, P.; Mulrey, K.; Nelles, A.; Rachen, J.P.; Rossetto, L.; ...
    Publisher: EPJ Web of Conferences
    Project: EC | LOFAR (640130)

    High-energy cosmic rays, impinging on the atmosphere of the Earth initiate cascades of secondary particles, the extensive air showers. The electrons and positrons in the air shower emit electromagnetic radiation. This emission is detected with the LOFAR radio telescope ...

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  • other research product . Collection . 2015
    Open Access English
    Luzi, Lucia; Puglia, Rodolfo; Russo, Emiliano; ORFEUS Working Group 5;
    Publisher: Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV)
    Project: EC | SERA (730900)

    The Engineering Strong-Motion database (ESM) has been developed in the framework of the European Project NERA (Network of European Research Infrastructures for Earthquake Risk Assessment and Mitigation), Network Activity 3: Networking acceleration networks and SM data u...

  • other research product . Other ORP type . 2016
    Open Access English
    Riccardo Prandini; Matteo Orlandini; Alice Guerra;
    Project: EC | InnoSI (649189)

    This report analyses and seeks to establish whether and how, in the last twenty years, the EU member countries have adopted welfare systems that incorporate aspects of social investment. The quantitative and comparative study focuses on social investment strategies acro...

  • other research product . Other ORP type . 2014
    Matheson, Anna;
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Project: EC | RELMIN (249416)

    Notice n° 326283. Projet RELMIN : Le statut légal des minorités religieuses dans l’espace euro-méditerranéen (Ve-XVe siècle). 326283/

  • other research product . 2015
    Open Access English
    Ikäheimonen, Tarja K.; Muikku, Maarit; Outola, Iisa; Vesterbacka, Pia; Salomaa, Sisko; Barnett, Catherine; Chaplow, Jacky; Beresford, Nick; Bradshaw, Clare; Garnier-Leplace, Jacqueline; ...
    Publisher: European Commission
    Project: EC | STAR (269672)
  • other research product . undefined
    Kurihara Haruko; Shirayama Y;
    Project: EC | EPOCA (211384)
  • other research product . 2018
    Open Access English
    Wanninkhof, R.; Park, G. -H.; Takahashi, T.; Sweeney, C.; Feely, R.; Nojiri, Y.; Gruber, N.; Doney, S. C.; McKinley, G. A.; Lenton, A.; ...
    Project: EC | COMBINE (226520)

    The globally integrated sea–air anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) flux from 1990 to 2009 is determined from models and data-based approaches as part of the Regional Carbon Cycle Assessment and Processes (RECCAP) project. Numerical methods include ocean inverse models, ...

  • other research product . Other ORP type . 2018 . Embargo End Date: 26 Mar 2019
    Open Access English
    Bertini, Bruno; Piroli, Lorenzo;
    Publisher: IOP Publishing
    Project: EC | OMNES (694544), EC | EDEQS (279391)

    We study the low-temperature transport properties of out-of equilibrium XXZ spin-1/2 chains. We consider the protocol where two semiinfinite chains are prepared in two thermal states at small but different temperatures and suddenly joined together. We focus on the quali...

  • other research product . Other ORP type . 2018
    Open Access
    Publisher: Zenodo
    Project: EC | ASIA (609823)

    BM 1969,0401,0.4a-b. Inked impressions from Sir Walter Elliot collection.

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  • other research product . 2010
    Closed Access
    Dubba K.S.R.; Cohn A.G.; Hogg D.C.;
    Project: EC | CO-FRIEND (214975)
10,041 research outcomes, page 1 of 1,005