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    Shahsavarifard, Mohammad; Bibeau, Eric Louis;
    Publisher: University of Manitoba MSpace
    Country: Canada

    Dataset includes power and thrust coefficients of a 19.8 cm diameter horizontal axis hydrokinetic model turbine measured experimentally in a water tunnel. Tests are done at 0.7, 0.9, and 1.1 m/s water speeds for three turbine configurations: turbine blade alone and then with two shrouds. Output power of the turbine and its thrust force are measured experimentally. Results are corrected using a theoretical model that accounts for free surface proximity and blockage effects of the water tunnel. Please see the description file on details of the experiment.

  • Closed Access English
    Birjandi, Amir Hossein; Chatoorgoon, Vijay; Bibeau, Eric;
    Country: Canada

    Unlike the uniform and low turbulence conditions of flow in water tunnels and towing tanks, flow in rivers, channels and oceans is highly turbulent and non-uniform due to the eddies with size that exceeds the diameter of the turbine. This condition accentuates in hydrokinetic farm applications where multiple turbines operate in eddies shed behind the upstream turbines. This data set represents the water tunnel test results of non-uniform inflow and upstream vortices on the quality of the output power and the performance of vertical turbines. The non-uniform flow condition is generated by placing cylinders with different sizes upstream of the turbine. The performance characteristics of the turbine operating behind cylinders are compared to that of the turbine operating in uniform inflow. Cylinders with different sizes are placed upstream of the scaled model turbine at various longitudinal and lateral locations. The effect of non-uniform inflow on the average output power and the instantaneous power fluctuations are presented in this Data set.

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