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  • Publication . Book . 2014
    Open Access Finnish
    Annukka Berg; Mikael Hildén; Kirsi Lahti; Jukka Similä;
    Publisher: Suomen ympäristökeskus
    Country: Finland

    Arviointi on selvittänyt, missä määrin ehdotus ilmastolaiksi muuttaisi ilmastopolitiikan valmistelun ja toimeenpanon nykytilaa. Arvioinnissa on hyödynnetty asiantuntijahaastatteluita ja siinä on verrattu haastatteluissa esitettyjä argumentteja muissa tutkimuksissa esite...

  • Restricted English
    Country: Netherlands

    This book constitutes the proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Software Architecture, ECSA 2016, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in November/December 2016.The 13 full papers presented together with 12 short papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 84 subm...

  • Open Access English
    Kushimoto, Hiroko;
    Publisher: アジア文化研究所

    Comparative Study of Southeast Asian Kitabs(2): Papers of Tasawwuf and Fatwa Texts Presented at the Sophia University Workshop on May 20, 2012.

  • Publication . Book . 1983
    John Sarkissian;
    Publisher: BRILL
  • Restricted Danish
    Østergaard, Kim; Birk, Hans Okkels; Møller, Benny Steen;
    Publisher: Nordisk Kollegium
    Country: Denmark
  • Open Access Russian
    Publisher: Издатель С. Я. Ямборъ
    Country: Russian Federation
  • English
    Parvinen, K.; Dieckmann, U.; Heino, M.;
    Publisher: IR-04-038
    Country: Austria

    Adaptive dynamics has been widely used to study the evolution of scalar-valued, and occasionally vector-valued, strategies in ecologically realistic models. In many ecological situations, however, evolving strategies are best described as function-valued, and thus infin...

  • Open Access German
    Merten, Luisa; Le, Mai-Lee Van;
    Publisher: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    Country: Germany

    In the Wadden sea of Sylt Littorina littorea constitutes a wide spreaded species of snails. Since L. littorea possesses no defence mechanisms against settling by epibionts such as chemical barricades, the periwinkles are often strongly overgrown by barnacles and larval ...

  • Open Access German
    Piwowar, Jürgen;
    Country: Germany
  • Publication . Book . 2007
    Martha S. Jones;
    Publisher: University of North Carolina Press