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  • Open Access Spanish; Castilian
    Rykov, Vladislav;
    Publisher: Universitat Jaume I
    Country: Spain

    Treball Final de Grau en Enginyeria Informàtica. Codi: EI1054. Curs acadèmic: 2018/2019 Este documento contiene un trabajo final de grado en el cual fue desarrollado un sistema de detección de veh´ıculos para aparcamiento inteligente. El sistema forma parte de una infra...

  • Open Access Spanish
    Espinar Moreno, Manuel;
    Publisher: Granada: Universidad de Granada
    Country: Spain

    Un vecino de la alquería de Mondújar, llamado Mahomad Abencaxon, en 1440, donó media noche de agua para las tierras de la mezquita del lugar de Acequias, localidad del Valle de Lecrín. Estos bienes habices pasaron a las iglesias tras la conquista de las tierras musulman...

  • Closed Access
    Takashi Gomi; Roy C. Sidle; Shoji Noguchi; Junjiro N. Negishi; Abdul Rahim Nik; Shozo Sasaki;
    Publisher: Elsevier BV

    The amount of sediment, wood, and detritus (leaves and small branches) accumulations were examined in four headwater tributaries subjected to different treatments (unlogged, logged with riparian buffer, and logged with no buffer) 16 and 40 months after timber harvesting...

  • Open Access
    V.V. Gabechaya; I.V. Andreeva; I.I. Vasenev; A.A. Neaman;
    Publisher: Federal State Budget Scientific Institution “Research Institute of Agriculture of Crimea”

    Copper-based pesticides have been used around the world for more than 200 years to control bacterial and fungal diseases in a variety of crops. In our review, we found that copper content from cupric fungicides in vineyard soil surface horizons often exceeds 200 mg/kg. ...

  • Open Access
    Harvini Al Meitavia; Gema Parasti Mindara; Andy Pramurjadi;
    Publisher: Institut Pertanian Bogor

 Horticulture Research and Development Center is research center under the Research and Development Agency Agriculture which is located in Bogor, West Java. Horticulture Research and Development Center has four research centers, there are Vegetable Crops R...

  • Publication . Article . 2012
    Yuri Rzhanov; Shachak Pe'eri;
    Publisher: Informa UK Limited

    More and more littoral surveys are conducted with aerial platform sensor suites that include a hyperspectral pushbroom sensor and a frame camera. However, in some cases, data from auxiliary sensors may contain errors or are not available. For many research groups, a hig...

  • Authors: 
    Damian Gromek; Piotr Samczynski; Krzysztof Radecki; Jedrzej Drozdowicz; Krzysztof Stasiak;
    Publisher: IEEE

    Synthetic Aperture radar (SAR) is widely used for Earth ground imaging and mapping. In most cases, the SAR radar is an active device and can be mounted on both air- and space-borne platforms. Passive SAR imagery utilizes different illuminators of opportunity such as DVB...

  • Open Access English
    Francis X. Mangan; Raquel Uchôa de Mendonça; Maria Aparecida Moreira; Samanta del Vecchio Nunes; Fernando Luiz Finger; Zoraia de Jesus Barros; Hilton Lopes Galvão; Gustavo Costa de Almeida; Rachel An Silva; Molly D. Anderson;
    Publisher: Associação Brasileira de Horticultura

    Due to the growing number of immigrants in the United States, made up principally of Latinos, Asians and Africans, there has been a growing demand for products that are popular in their countries of origin. In order to meet this demand, there has been a tremendous incre...

  • French
    Simon, Jean-François;
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Country: France

    Bâtir dans les campagnes : les enjeux de la construction de la Protohistoire au XXIe siècle / Textes réunis par Ph. Madeleine et J-M. Moriceau, édité par le Pôle Rural de la MSHS de Caen (Bibliothèque du pôle rural, n° 1) ; ISBN : 978-2-9510796-3-2; International audien...

  • Open Access English
    Jindong Wu;
    Publisher: MDPI AG

    Urban trees provide various important ecological services, the quantification of which is vital to sustainable urban development and requires accurate estimation of tree biomass. A limited number of allometric biomass equations, however, have been developed for urban sp...