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  • publication . Other literature type . Book . Article . Journal . Part of book or chapter of book . 2020
    Open Access Spanish; Castilian
    Marjorie Chibnall; Odorannus de Sens; Robert-Henri Bautier; Monique Gilles;

    V. 3: Tertia pars operum Johanis de Gerson doctoris christianissimi., S.l. : s.n., 1494. iii idus mensis Augusti., 357 f., Sin.: 2a8, 2b-2i6/8, 2k8, 2l6, 2m-2n8, 2o6, 2p-2q8, 2r6, 2s8, 2t6, 2v-2x8, 2y6, 2z-Aa8, Bb6, Cc-Dd8, Ee6, Ff8, Gg-Hh6, Ji8, Kk-Mm6, Nn-Oo8, Pp6, Qq...

1 research outcomes, page 1 of 1