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  • publication . Other literature type . Article . 2019
    Open Access
    Graziano Colombo; Cristina Cortinovis; Elisa Moschini; Nicholas Bellitto; Maria Chiara Perego; Marco Albonico; Emanuela Astori; Isabella Dalle‐Donne; Alessia Bertero; Aharon Gedanken; ...
    Publisher: Wiley
    Project: EC | PROTECT (720851)

    : ZnO nanoparticles (NPs) are widely used nowadays, thus the gastrointestinal exposure to ZnO NPs is likely to be relevant and the effects on the intestinal barrier should be investigated. Polarized Caco-2 cells were exposed from the apical (Ap) and basolateral (Bl) com...

  • publication . Article . 2015
    Open Access
    Noemi del-Toro; Margaret Duesbury; Bianca Habermann; Henning Hermjakob; Manor Askenazi; Sandra Orchard; Rafael C Jimenez;
    Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP)
    Project: EC | AFFINOMICS (241481), EC | PSIMEX (223411), WT

    The evidence that two molecules interact in a living cell is often inferred from multiple different experiments. Experimental data is captured in multiple repositories, but there is no simple way to assess the evidence of an interaction occurring in a cellular environme...

  • publication . Article . Other literature type . Preprint . 2016
    Open Access English
    Torsten Akesson; Robert Astalos; Frank Winklmeier; Giuseppe Avolio; Peter Loch; Paul Newman; Luis Roberto Flores Castillo; Jolanta Olszowska; Vladimir Cindro; Eram Rizvi; ...
    Project: EC | EPLANET (246806)

    Comment: 34 pages plus author list + cover page (51 pages total), 11 figures, 6 tables, submitted to JHEP, All figures including auxiliary figures are available at

  • publication . Article . Other literature type . 2019
    Open Access English
    Kestutis Baltakys; Margarita Baltakiene; Juho Samuli Kanniainen; Hannu Kärkkäinen;
    Project: EC | BigDataFinance (675044)

    The starting point of this paper is that neighboring investors may talk to each other sharing information about their transactions in stock markets, leading to similar trading behavior. We find that pairwise trade timing similarities between investor pairs are negativel...

  • publication . Article . 2017
    Open Access English
    Karlsson, Tobias E.; Wellfelt, Katrin; Olson, Lars;
    Publisher: Frontiers Media S.A.
    Project: EC | MEMORYSTICK (322744)

    Inhibition of nerve growth and plasticity in the CNS is to a large part mediated by Nogo-like signaling, now encompassing a plethora of ligands, receptors, co-receptors and modulators. Here we describe the distribution and levels of mRNA encoding 11 key genes involved i...

  • publication . Article . 2020
    Open Access
    Heike Mildenberger; Saharon Shelah;
    Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media LLC
    Project: EC | DEPENDENTCLASSES (338821)

    We consider a version of $$\kappa $$-Miller forcing on an uncountable cardinal $$\kappa $$. We show that under $$2^{ \omega $$, $$2^{2^{<\kappa }}= 2^\kappa $$, and forcing with $$([\kappa ]^\kappa , \subseteq )$$ collapses $$2^\kappa $$ to $$\omega $$.

  • publication . Conference object . 2014
    Open Access Croatian
    Macan, Bojan;
    Project: EC | OPENAIREPLUS (283595)
  • publication . Article . Other literature type . 2017
    Open Access
    Arola, Henri; Tullila, Antti; Nathanail, Alexis; Nevanen, Tarja;
    Publisher: MDPI AG
    Project: EC | GRAPHENE (604391)

    We developed an HT-2 toxin-specific simple ELISA format with a positive read-out. The assay is based on an anti-immune complex (IC) scFv antibody fragment, which is genetically fused with alkaline phosphatase (AP). The anti-IC antibody specifically recognizes the IC bet...

  • publication . Article . 2013
    Open Access
    Gian Luca Chiarello; Anke Weidenkaff;
    Publisher: Swiss Chemical Society
    Project: EC | NANOPEC (227179)

    : Over the last decades photocatalytic water splitting has become of increasing importance for fundamental and applied research, since the direct conversion of sunlight into chemical energy via the production of H2 has the potential to contribute to the world's energy n...

  • publication . Article . 2016
    Open Access
    Maxym Dudka;
    Publisher: American Physical Society (APS)
    Project: EC | DCP-PHYSBIO (269139)

    A functional renormalization group approach to d-dimensional, N-component, noncollinear magnets is performed using various truncations of the effective action relevant to study their long distance behavior. With help of these truncations we study the existence of a stab...

376,746 research outcomes, page 1 of 37,675
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