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  • publication . Article . Other literature type . 2018
    Open Access
    Aleksandr Milshteyn; Nathaniel R. Braffman; Allison Fay; John B. Biggins; Mirjana Lilic; Sean F. Brady; James Peek; Seth A. Darst; Ian D. Woodworth; Michael S. Glickman; ...
    Publisher: Springer Nature America, Inc
    Project: NIH | Discovery of Antibiotics ... (1R35GM122559-01), NIH | Structure/function analys... (5R01GM114450-02), NIH | NE-CAT Center for Advance... (4P41GM103403-14), NIH | A minimally invasive synt... (1U01GM110714-01A1), NIH | MOUSE GENETICS (2P30CA008748-43), NIH | Structure, function, and ... (5R35GM118130-02), NIH | Crystallization Robot for... (1S10RR027037-01)

    Resistance to rifamycin antibiotics, which target bacterial RNA polymerases, is a growing problem. Here, the authors identify gene clusters from soil metagenomes encoding production of rifamycin analogues that are active against rifampicin-resistant bacteria through a d...

  • publication . Article . 2017
    Open Access English
    Hubin, Elizabeth A; Fay, Allison; Xu, Catherine; Bean, James M; Saecker, Ruth M; Glickman, Michael S; Darst, Seth A; Campbell, Elizabeth A;
    Publisher: eLife Sciences Publications, Ltd
    Project: NIH | NE-CAT Center for Advance... (4P41GM103403-14), NIH | Structure/function analys... (5R01GM114450-02), NIH | Pixel Array Detector for ... (1S10RR029205-01), NIH | MOUSE GENETICS (2P30CA008748-43), NIH | Crystallization Robot for... (1S10RR027037-01)

    RbpA and CarD are essential transcription regulators in mycobacteria. Mechanistic analyses of promoter open complex (RPo) formation establish that RbpA and CarD cooperatively stimulate formation of an intermediate (RP2) leading to RPo; formation of RP2 is likely a bottl...

2 research outcomes, page 1 of 1