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  • publication . Preprint . Other literature type . Article . 2015
    Open Access English
    Anton G. Henssen; Cédric Feschotte; Alex Kentsis; Melissa Burns; Christopher E. Mason; Jorge Gandara; Eric Still; Eileen Jiang; Mondira Ray; Amy Eisenberg; ...
    Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
    Project: NIH | MOUSE GENETICS (2P30CA008748-43), NIH | Aberrant activation of HG... (5K08CA160660-02)

    eLife digest Transposons are mobile genetic elements that can be cut out of and inserted into DNA. They are present in most living things and make up almost half of the human genome. Transposons help to rearrange and increase the variety of DNA sequences, which can driv...

1 research outcomes, page 1 of 1