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  • publication . Article . Other literature type . 2019
    Open Access
    Shuguang Yuan; Dinshaw J. Patel; Dinshaw J. Patel; Ronald Micura; Elisabeth Mairhofer; Aiming Ren; Juncheng Wang; Luqian Zheng; Kaiyi Huang; Christoph Falschlunger;
    Publisher: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
    Project: FWF | Chemical synthesis of mod... (P 27947), NIH | MOUSE GENETICS (2P30CA008748-43), NIH | Biochemical and structura... (5U19CA179564-02), FWF | Understanding hatchet rib... (P 31691)

    Small self-cleaving ribozymes catalyze site-specific cleavage of their own phosphodiester backbone with implications for viral genome replication, pre-mRNA processing, and alternative splicing. We report on the 2.1-Å crystal structure of the hatchet ribozyme product, wh...

1 research outcomes, page 1 of 1