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  • publication . Other literature type . Article . 2017
    Open Access
    Outi Maria Keinänen; Naga Vara Kishore Pillarsetty; Delphine Vivier; Anu Airaksinen; Mirkka P Sarparanta;
    Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media LLC
    Project: NIH | Shared Instrument: Focus ... (1S10RR020892-01), NIH | MICROPLATE SCINTILLATION/... (1S10RR013039-01), AKA | Pretargeted radiopharmace... (298481), NIH | MOUSE GENETICS (2P30CA008748-43), AKA | New radiolabeled molecula... (278056)

    Background Pretargeting-based approaches are being investigated for radioimmunoimaging and therapy applications to reduce the effective radiation burden to the patient. To date, only a few studies have used short-lived radioisotopes for pretargeting of antibodies, and s...

  • publication . Other literature type . Article . 2016
    Open Access
    Jason Lewis; Nerissa Viola; Linden Wyatt; Mirkka P Sarparanta;
    Publisher: American Chemical Society (ACS)
    Project: NIH | pHLIP-based agents for pr... (1F32CA186721-01A1), NIH | Shared Instrument: Focus ... (1S10RR020892-01), NIH | MOUSE GENETICS (2P30CA008748-43), NIH | PET Imaging of Cancer wit... (5R01CA138468-04), NIH | The Ivis Spectrum CT for ... (1S10OD016207-01), AKA | New radiolabeled molecula... (278056)

    pH (low) insertion peptides (pHLIP peptides) target acidic extracellular environments in vivo due to pH-dependent cellular membrane insertion. Two variants (Var3 and Var7) and wild-type (WT) pHLIP peptides have shown promise for in vivo imaging of breast cancer. Two pos...

  • publication . Preprint . Other literature type . Article . 2019
    Open Access English
    Gareth Evans; Marco Montagna; William Newman; Paolo Peterlongo;
    Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
    Project: NIH | SURVEILLANCE EPIDEMIOLOGY... (N01CN025403-000), NIH | CANCER CENTER SUPPORT GRA... (3P30CA051008-16S1), NIH | Fine-mapping of 8q24 and ... (5R01CA132839-03), EC | IHCAP (310018), NIH | NRG ONCOLOGY NETWORK GROU... (3U10CA180868-02S2), AKA | Finnish Centre of Excelle... (251314), NIH | SPORE in Breast Cancer (5P50CA058223-12), NIH | The Mitochondrial Genome ... (5R01CA149429-05), NHMRC | Epidemiology of Chronic D... (209057), NIH | MOUSE GENETICS (2P30CA008748-43),...

    Breast cancer susceptibility variants frequently show heterogeneity in associations by tumor subtype1,2,3. To identify novel loci, we performed a genome-wide association study including 133,384 breast cancer cases and 113,789 controls, plus 18,908 BRCA1 mutation carrier...

  • publication . Article . Other literature type . 2019
    Open Access English
    Figlioli, Gisella; Bogliolo, Massimo; Catucci, Irene; Caleca, Laura; Lasheras, Sandra Viz; Pujol, Roser; Kiiski, Johanna I; Muranen, Taru A; Barnes, Daniel; Dennis, Joe; ...
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Project: EC | BIORISE (669026), NIH | MOUSE GENETICS (2P30CA008748-43), NIH | Cancer Center Support Gra... (3P30CA068485-21S4), NIH | Genetic Susceptibility An... (1Z01ES049033-10), NIH | Understanding Ethnic Diff... (5U01CA164973-04), NHMRC | Epidemiology of Chronic D... (209057), NIH | Automated Density Measure... (5R01CA177150-03), NIH | Risk and penetrance of mu... (5R01CA192393-02), NIH | Innovative Infrastructure... (5U01CA199277-02), EC | EUROFANCOLEN (305421),...

    Breast cancer is a common disease partially caused by genetic risk factors. Germline pathogenic variants in DNA repair genes BRCA1, BRCA2, PALB2, ATM, and CHEK2 are associated with breast cancer risk. FANCM, which encodes for a DNA translocase, has been proposed as a br...

  • publication . Article . Preprint . Other literature type . 2019
    Open Access English
    Jiang, Xia; Finucane, Hilary K; Schumacher, Fredrick R; Schmit, Stephanie L; Tyrer, Jonathan; Han, Younghun; Michailidou, Kyriaki; Lesseur, Corina; Kuchenbaecker, Karoline B; Dennis, Joe; ...
    Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
    Project: NIH | The Vanderbilt Institute ... (6UL1TR000445-11), NIH | Discovery and verificatio... (5R01CA189184-04), NHMRC | Markers of androgen actio... (450104), NIH | The Mitochondrial Genome ... (5R01CA149429-05), NIH | Cancer Risk Reduction and... (2R37CA070867-12), NIH | Genes contributing for ni... (5R01DA017932-07), NIH | Consortium Study to Ident... (5R01CA148667-05), NIH | Career Development (Ingle... (5P50CA116201-08), NIH | Breast &prostate cancer &... (1U01CA098216-01), NIH | Characterizing Genetic Su... (5U01CA098710-06),...

    Quantifying the genetic correlation between cancers can provide important insights into the mechanisms driving cancer etiology. Using genome-wide association study summary statistics across six cancer types based on a total of 296,215 cases and 301,319 controls of Europ...

5 research outcomes, page 1 of 1
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