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  • publication . Article . Preprint . 2017
    Open Access English
    Michał Krzysztof Szymański; Igor Soszyński; Akihiko Fukui; Krzysztof Ulaczyk; Michał Pawlak; Jan Skowron; Radoslaw Poleski; Andrzej Udalski; Lee, C.-U.; Michael Albrow; ...
    Publisher: The American Astronomical Society
    Project: NSF | The Mass Function and Gal... (1516842)

    Accepted: 2017-08-08

  • publication . Preprint . Article . 2006
    Open Access English
    Yuji Kodama; Ken-Ichi Maruno;
    Project: NSF | Asymptotics and Multi-Pha... (0404931)

    We study soliton solutions to the DKP equation which is defined by the Hirota bilinear form, \[ {\begin{array}{llll} (-4D_xD_t+D_x^4+3D_y^2) \tau_n\cdot\tau_n=24\tau_{n-1}\tau_{n+1}, (2D_t+D_x^3\mp 3D_xD_y) \tau_{n\pm 1}\cdot\tau_n=0 \end{array} \quad n=1,2,.... \] wher...

  • publication . Article . Preprint . Other literature type . 2019
    Open Access English
    Akiyama, Kazunori; Alberdi, Antxon; Alef, Walter; Asada, Keiichi; Azulay, Rebecca; Baczko, Anne-Kathrin; Ball, David; Baloković, Mislav; Barrett, John; Bintley, Dan; ...
    Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing
    Project: NSERC , NSF | Graduate Research Fellows... (1144085), NSF | CyVerse: Cyberinfrastruct... (1743442), AKA | Physics of Black Hole-Pow... (274477), NSF | Cosmological Research wit... (1248097), NSF | The iPlant Collaborative:... (1265383), NSF | Center for Cosmological P... (0114422), EC | RadioNet (730562), NSF | The Arizona Radio Observa... (1140030), NSF | Collaborative Research: B... (1207704),...

    Peer reviewed

  • publication . Article . Preprint . Conference object . 2006
    Open Access English
    Kazunori Kohri;
    Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Ltd
    Project: NSF | Theoretical Investigation... (0307433)

    We study the emission from an old supernova remnant (SNR) with an age of around 10^5 yrs and that from a giant molecular cloud (GMC) encountered by the SNR. When the SNR age is around 10^5 yrs, proton acceleration is efficient enough to emit TeV gamma-rays both at the s...

  • publication . Article . 2008
    Open Access English
    Itziar Aretxaga; Tetsu Kitayama; Hiroshi Matsuo;
    Publisher: Royal Astronomical Society
    Project: NSF | Astronomy Research at the... (0540852)

    Deep 1.1 mm continuum observations of 1E0657−56 (the ‘Bullet Cluster’) taken with the millimeter-wavelength camera AzTEC on the 10-m Atacama Submillimeter Telescope Experiment (ASTE), have revealed an extremely bright (S1.1 mm= 15.9 mJy) unresolved source. This source, ...

  • publication . Preprint . Other literature type . Article . 2017
    Open Access English
    Sile Nic Chormaic; Fuchuan Lei;
    Project: NSF | EFRI 2-DARE: Crystalline ... (1433311)

    In this work, we show that the application of a sol-gel coating renders a microbubble whispering gallery resonator into an active device. During the fabrication of the resonator, a thin layer of erbium-doped sol-gel is applied to a tapered microcapillary, then a microbu...

  • publication . Preprint . Article . 2007
    Open Access English
    Ralph A.M.J. Wijers; Tolga Guver; Gavin Rowell; Jesper Sollerman; Eleonora Troja; Andrew Levan; Andrea Melandri; Christina Thöne; Darach Watson; ERSİN GÖĞÜŞ; ...
    Project: NSF | Optical Observations of G... (0407061)

    Comment: 15 pages, 6 figures, 2 tables, accepted for publication in ApJ, uses emulateapj

  • publication . Article . Preprint . Other literature type . 2018
    Open Access
    Michał Krzysztof Szymański; Igor Soszyński; Krzysztof Ulaczyk; Jan Skowron; Andrzej Udalski; Patryk Iwanek; Clément Ranc;
    Project: NSF | Doctoral Dissertation Res... (1500811), EC | MW-DISK (321035), NSF | The Mass Function and Gal... (1516842)

    Planet formation theories predict the existence of free-floating planets that have been ejected from their parent systems. Although they emit little or no light, they can be detected during gravitational microlensing events. Microlensing events caused by rogue planets a...

  • publication . Article . Other literature type . 2019
    Open Access English
    Amy Wat; Je In Lee; Chae Woo Ryu; Bernd Gludovatz; Jinyeon Kim; Antoni P. Tomsia; Takehiko Ishikawa; Julianna Schmitz; Andreas Meyer; Markus Alfreider; ...
    Publisher: Nature Publishing Group UK
    Project: NSF | Graduate Research Fellows... (1106400), EC | TOUGHIT (771146)

    Accepted: 2019-01-22

  • publication . Article . Preprint . 2018
    Open Access English
    Jong-Woo Kim;
    Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
    Project: NSF | Materials Research Scienc... (1420709), NSF | Consortium for Materials ... (1606856)

    Dimensionality and symmetry play deterministic roles in the laws of Nature. They are important tools to characterize and understand quantum phase transitions, especially in the limit of strong correlations between spin, orbit, charge, and structural degrees of freedom. ...

440 research outcomes, page 1 of 44
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