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  • publication . Article . Other literature type . Preprint . 2015
    Open Access
    M. Krämer; F. Nerling; V. Jary; D. Panzieri; M. Boer; L. Capozza; J. ter Wolbeek; R. R. Akhunzyanov; N. Horikawa; J. Bernhard; ...
    Project: FCT | CERN/FP/116376/2010 (116376), FCT | CERN/FP/123600/2011 (123600), EC | HADRONPHYSICS3 (283286), FCT | CERN/FP/109323/2009 (109323)

    Measurements of the Collins and Sivers asymmetries for charged pions and charged and neutral kaons produced in semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering of high energy muons off transversely polarised protons are presented. The results were obtained using all the availab...

1 research outcomes, page 1 of 1