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  • publication . Report . 2014
    Open Access English
    FCAL Collaboration; Abramowicz, H.; Chelkov, G.; Coca, C.; Daniluk, W.; Dragone, A.; Dumitru, L.; Elsener, K.; Emeliantchik, I.; Firu, E.; ...
    Project: EC | AIDA (262025), EC | MC-PAD (214560)

    Two special calorimeters are foreseen for the instrumentation of the very forward region of an ILC or CLIC detector; a luminometer (LumiCal) designed to measure the rate of low angle Bhabha scattering events with a precision better than 10$^{-3}$ at the ILC and 10$^{-2}...

  • publication . Article . Preprint . 2015
    Open Access
    The FCAL Collaboration; Abramowicz, H.; Abusleme, A.; Afanaciev, K.; Aguilar, J.; Alvarez, E.; Avila, D.; Benhammou, Y.; Bortko, L.; Borysov, O.; ...
    Publisher: IOP Publishing
    Project: EC | AIDA (262025), MESTD | Physics and Detector R&am... (171012), EC | MC-PAD (214560)

    Detector-plane prototypes of the very forward calorimetry of a future detector at an e+e- collider have been built and their performance was measured in an electron beam. The detector plane comprises silicon or GaAs pad sensors, dedicated front-end and ADC ASICs, and an...

2 research outcomes, page 1 of 1