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  • publication . Other literature type . Article . 2017
    Open Access
    Robbie Wilson; Bernhard Hidding; G. G. Manahan; Paul McKenna; S. M. Wiggins; Andrew Beaton; A. Karmakar; A. Constantino; G. Pretzler; Dino A. Jaroszynski; ...
    Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media LLC
    Project: EC | LASERLAB-EUROPE (284464), RCUK | Multi-scale simulation of... (EP/G056803/1), RCUK | Multi-scale simulation of... (EP/G054940/1), RCUK | CRITICAL MASS: Collective... (EP/J018171/1), RCUK | Lab in a bubble (EP/N028694/1), RCUK | Multi-PetaWatt Laser-Plas... (EP/J003832/1), RCUK | Multi-scale simulation of... (EP/G055165/1), EC | EUCARD-2 (312453)

    Space radiation is a great danger to electronics and astronauts onboard space vessels. The spectral flux of space electrons, protons and ions for example in the radiation belts is inherently broadband, but this is a feature hard to mimic with conventional radiation sour...

  • publication . Article . Other literature type . 2019
    Open Access English
    S. J. D. Dann; S. J. D. Dann; Yong Ma; Yong Ma; Yong Ma; Ashwin J. Shahani; Michal Smid; E. Gerstmayr; O. Lundh; M. Shahzad; ...
    Project: FCT | POCI/FIS/59574/2004 (59574), NSERC , RCUK | CRITICAL MASS: Collective... (EP/J018171/1), EC | EuPRAXIA (653782), RCUK | Lab in a bubble (EP/N028694/1), RCUK | Application of Next Gener... (EP/J500094/1), RCUK | The John Adams Institute ... (ST/P000835/1), EC | LASERLAB-EUROPE (654148), EC | EUCARD-2 (312453), RCUK | Cockcroft Institute (ST/P002056/1)

    Laser-wakefield accelerators (LWFAs) are high acceleration-gradient plasma-based particle accelerators capable of producing ultra-relativistic electron beams. Within the strong focusing fields of the wakefield, accelerated electrons undergo betatron oscillations, emitti...

2 research outcomes, page 1 of 1