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  • Open Access
    Galbis Fuster, Elsa; Paz Báñez, María Violante de; Iglesias, N.; Lucas Rodríguez, Ricardo; Galbis Pérez, Juan Antonio;
    Publisher: JSciMed Central

    Micelles are excellent devices to be used as controlled drug delivery systems since they exhibit the ability to protect the drug or encapsulated substance from the routes of degradation until they reach the site of action: moreover, they can pass through biological barr...

  • Open Access
    N. Iglesias; Elsa Galbis; Concepción Valencia; M.-Violante de-Paz; Juan A. Galbis;
    Publisher: MDPI AG
    Country: Spain

    The present work deals with the synthesis of micro-structured biomaterials based on chitosan (CTS) for their applications as biocompatible carriers of drugs and bioactive compounds. Twelve dispersions were prepared by means of functional cross-linking with tricarballyli...

  • Open Access
    Elsa Galbis; M.-Violante de-Paz; N. Iglesias; Bertrand Lacroix; Ana Alcudia; Juan A. Galbis;
    Publisher: Elsevier

    The present work describes the preparation of stable organic nanoparticles with potential use as “smart” drug delivery systems capable of encapsulating lipophilic molecules to exert their therapeutic action under the appropriate stimulus. A well-defined self-assembly hy...