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Research data . Dataset . 2022

EUHubs4Data - Tunnll Experiment - Pedestrian-routable OpenStreetMap-based dataset

Blazhko, Kirill;
Published: 24 Mar 2022
Publisher: Zenodo

# Description To allow a certain town to be "routable" for pedestrians, map data needs to contain information about streets, turns, intersections, lanes, street lines and pedestrian crossings. This dataset is based on raw data exported from OpenStreetMap. The dataset was fetched from within the following geographical boundaries: Minimal latitude: '41.254323' Minimal longitude: '1.4459896' Maximal latitude: '41.2938497' Maximal longitude: '1.5289021' After pre-processing, processing and verification, this dataset contains 2180 nodes representing a certain address in the given geographic area. All these nodes are confirmed to be reachable by foot (no isolated "islands"). The whole road network is confirmed to be traversable by routing software. # Type Collected & Generated # Nature OpenStreetMap .osm (XML) # Origin OpenStreetMap project by the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) & Tunnll # License: The data is provided under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL) where the users are free to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the data, as long as they credit OpenStreetMap and its contributors. Tunnll does not add any additional clauses to this generated dataset except the requirements to credit Tunnll’s refinements and updates to the dataset.


dataset, map, address, path, road, street, pedestrian path, footpath, footway, node, osm, xml

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Dataset . 2022
Providers: ZENODO