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Research data . Dataset . 2021

Research data supporting "Considerations for Implementing Electronic Laboratory Notebooks in an Academic Research Environment"

Stevens, MM; Higgins, SG; Nogiwa-Valdez, AA;
Open Access
Published: 23 Sep 2021
Publisher: Zenodo
Research data supporting the publication: Higgins SG, Nogiwa-Valdez AA, Stevens MM, Considerations for Implementing Electronic Laboratory Notebooks in an Academic Research Environment, Nature Protocols, 2021. This repository contains the raw survey data of 172 current and historic electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) software packages. Main files: "ELN_Review_Higgins_2021_Survey.csv" = raw survey data in 'tidy' data format "ELN_Review_Higgins_2021.Rmd" = an R Markdown File (R Notebook) that takes the survey data as input and produces summary statistics and plots. This file was written using R Studio as the IDE. Derived files, generated from those above: "ELN_Review_Higgins_2021.nb.html" = a self-contained HTML file that is automatically generated by R Studio, based on the markdown file. This can be opened in any web browser to allow manual inspection of the code and comments without the need for specialist software. Embedded within this file is also the original markdown script (i.e. a copy of the code in "ELN_Review_Higgins_2021.Rmd") "ELN_Review_Higgins_2021_Lifetimes_Interactive_Figure1.html" = an HTML file generated by the script above via the plotly package. It contains an interactive version of the ELN survey data, allowing the user to hover over the timeline and explore the data. "ELN_Review_Higgins_2021_Timeline.pdf" = static version of ELN timeline, used to generate figure in main manuscript. "ELN_Review_Higgins_2021_Releases-Per-Year.pdf" = static version of number of new ELNs per year, used to generate figure in main manuscript. This survey was generated from a mixture of primary and secondary sources (see references for secondary sources).
{"references": ["Douglas, S. \"ELN vendor.\" LIMSWiki, (2021)", "Rubacha, M., Rattan, A. K. & Hosselet, S. C. A Review of Electronic Laboratory Notebooks Available in the Market Today. JALA J. Assoc. Lab. Autom. 16, 90\u201398 (2011).", "Kanza, S. et al. Electronic lab notebooks: can they replace paper? J. Cheminformatics 9, 31 (2017)."]}

electronic laboratory notebook, ELN, research data management, review, survey

Funded by
UKRI| Acellular / Smart Materials - 3D Architecture: UK RMP Hub
  • Funder: UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)
  • Project Code: MR/R015651/1
  • Funding stream: MRC
WT| Exploring and Engineering the Cell-Material Interface for Regenerative Medicine.
  • Funder: Wellcome Trust (WT)
  • Project Code: 098411
  • Funding stream: Molecular Basis of Cell Function