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Research data . Dataset . 2020

Australia Rainfall Dataset

Tan, Chang Wei; Bergmeir, Christoph; Petitjean, Francois; Webb, Geoffrey I;
Open Access
Published: 21 Jun 2020
Publisher: Zenodo

This dataset is part of the Monash, UEA & UCR time series regression repository. The goal of this dataset is to predict the total daily rainfall using 24 hours of temperature measurements. This is useful as temperature sensors are much cheaper and easy to maintain as compared to rain gauges. This dataset contains 160,267 time series obtained from a dataset released by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).The time series has 3 dimensions, measuring the average hourly temperature, minimum hourly temperature and maximum hourly temperature from 518 weather stations throughout all of Australia. Please refer to for more details


time series, regression