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Research data . Dataset . 2019

SeminalSurveyDBLP Dataset for Classification of Seminal and Survey Publications

Kreutz, Christin Katharina; Sahitaj, Premtim; Schenkel, Ralf;
Open Access
Published: 27 Jun 2019
Publisher: Zenodo

This data set contains citation network data for 1320 publications from dblp ( enriched with data from AMiner ( for classification of seminal and survey publications. Citations and references are contained for every publication. For each of the 121,084 papers, dblp key, publication year as well as stemmed and unstemmed concatenations of its title and abstract are given. Seminal papers come from A* conferences, surveys were extracted from venues specialized in publishing reviews. For details, see Revaluating Semantometrics from Computer Science Publications, Christin Katharina Kreutz, Premtim Sahitaj, and Ralf Schenkel, 2019, submitted to BIRNDL@SIGIR.


Citation Network, Bibliographic Metadata