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Subjective human thresholds over computer generated images

Jérôme Buisine; Samuel Delepoulle; Rémi Synave; Christophe Renaud;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 Jan 2021
  • Publisher: Zenodo
<p>Realistic image computation mimics the natural process of acquiring pictures by simulating the physical interactions of light between all the objects, lights and cameras lying within a modelled 3D scene. This process is known as global illumination and was formalised by Kajiya with the following rendering Equation:<br> <span class="math-tex">\(\begin{equation} \label{eq:rendering_equation} L_o(x, \omega_o) = {L_e(x, \omega_o)} + \int_{\Omega}^{} {L_i(x, \omega_i)} \cdot f_r(x, \omega_i \rightarrow \omega_o) \cdot \cos \theta_i d\omega_i \end{equation}\)</span></p> <p>where:</p> <ul> <li>&nbsp;<span class="math-tex">\(L_o(x, \omega_o)\)</span> is the luminance...
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free text keywords: Computer graphics, Synthesis Images, Human perception, Noise perception, Subjective thresholds
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Dataset . 2021
Provider: Zenodo
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