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Data from: Multifrequency study of HH 137 and HH 138: Discovering new knots and molecular outflows with Gemini and APEX

Ferrero, Leticia V.; Cappa, Cristina E.; Saldaño, Hugo P.; Gómez, Mercedes; Rubio, Mónica; Günthardt, Guillermo;
Open Access English
  • Published: 23 Jun 2020
  • Country: Argentina
We present reduced H2 and K near-infrared band images of HH 137, taken with the GSAOI+GeMS instrument of the Gemini South telescope. In addition, we provide submilimiter data in 12CO(3-2), 13CO(3-2), C18O(3-2), HCO+(3-2) and HCN(3-2) molecular lines of both HH 137 and HH 138, obtained with the SHeFI instrument of the Atacama Pathfinder EXperiment (APEX) telescope.
{"references": ["Ferrero et al. 2020"]}
Accepted for publication in MNRAS
free text keywords: Ciencias Astronómicas, // [https], jets [stars], Herbig−Haro objects [ISM], jets and outflows [ISM], ISM [infrared], ISM [submillimeter], individual objects: HH 137 (MHO 1629), HH 138 [ISM], Herbig−Haro objects, jets and outflows, interstellar medium, Interestellar medium, Jets and outflows, Herbig-Haro objects, Chorros y salidas, Los objetos Herbig-Har
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