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Research data . Dataset . 2012

Improving phonetic alignment by handling secondary sequence structures

List, Johann-Mattis;
Open Access
Published: 15 Jun 2012
Publisher: Zenodo

Supplementary material accompanying the paper "Improving phonetic alignment by handling secondary sequence structures". The data consists of 5 files: gold_standard.psa : the gold standard used in the analysis in PSA format sca-secondary.psa : the output of the algorithm with the secondary extension sca-traditional.psa : the output of the traditional algorithm sca-secondary-diff.psa : the differences of the secondary extension compared to the GS sca-traditional-diff.psa : the differences of the traditional algorithm compared to the GS For a description of the file-format used in this dataset, please refer to the LingPy tutorial under


historical linguistics, phonetic alignment, secondary sequence structures, computational linguistics

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