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A semi-automated intestinal organoid screening method demonstrates epigenetic control of epithelial maturation

Ostrop, Jenny;
  • Published: 01 Sep 2020
  • Publisher: University of Dundee
The intestinal epithelium maintains an important barrier throughout life. It consists of several epithelial cell lineages that are derived from LGR5+ intestinal stem cells. Although epigenetic regulation of embryonic stem cell differentiation is well established, its role in adult stem cell systems such as the intestinal epithelium is still undefined. Yet, targeting of epigenetic regulatory enzymes may be relevant for new therapeutics, for example in cancer treatment. Here, we combine a newly established organoid toolbox with an epigenetic probe library to identify epigenetic regulators of intestinal epithelial biology. We discover several probes that alter inte...
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free text keywords: Epithelium, Adult stem cells
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