Interlocked thin-ply reinforcements for improved fracture toughness and compression after impact

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<p>This dataset contains data showing the effect of interlocked thin-ply reinforcement units on the fracture toughness and compression after impact strength of CFRP laminates. For both the fracture toughness and the CAI experiments, tests were conducted on non-reinforced baseline specimens, as well as reinforced specimens. These experiments were conducted to test a reinforcement concept,&nbsp; consisting of creating reinforcement units by interlocking two thin-ply prepreg layers with a tab-and-slit geometry. These reinforcement units are then inserted between the plies of a regular composite lay-up.</p> <p>This reinforcement concept was first presented at the 18th European Conference on Composite Materials (2018, Athens, Greece). More information on the concept can be found at:;</p> <p>The fracture toughness section of this dataset contains both mode I and mode II data. The mode I data was acquired using DCB specimens, and the mode II data was obtained from 4-point end notch flexure tests. Force, displacement, crack length, and strain energy release rate during the test are provided for all specimens.</p> <p>The CAI section of the dataset contains post-impact C-scans, as well as force, displacement, and strain gauge data from the subsequent compression tests.</p> <p><br> &nbsp;</p>
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