Composite Maritime Events

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Manolis Pitsikalis ; Alexander Artikis

<p>The dataset includes approximately 4M composite maritime events (e.g., anchored vessels, loitering, ship-to-ship transfer, etc.), recognised by <a href="">RTEC</a> on semantically annotated AIS position signals, over a period of six months, from approx. 5K vessels sailing around the port of Brest, France.</p> <p>The dataset of AIS position signals is available <a href="">here</a>. The semantic annotation of the AIS signals is available <a href="">here</a>.&nbsp;</p> <p>Information on the specification of the composite maritime events is available here:</p> <p><a href="">Pitsikalis M., Artikis A., Dreo R., Ray C., Camossi E. and Jousselme A. Composite Event Recognition for Maritime Monitoring, 2019,&nbsp; arXiv:1903.03078</a></p>
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