Listening preferences for variations of pop mixes in a circular Wave Field Synthesis system

Dataset OPEN
Wierstorf, Hagen ; Hold, Christoph

<p>This data set includes results for the listening tests described in<br>, but this time applying the real<br> loudspeakers and not binaural synthesis.</p> <p>The folder `results/` contains the single results of the 41 test participants.<br> The folder `analisys/` contains the script `` for creating paired<br> comparison matrices across the participants for all conditions, that are stored<br> under `analysis/pc_matrices/`. It also contains the script `btl.R`, which<br> calculates a Bradley-Terry-Luce model after Wickelmayer et al. [1]. Its results<br> are stored under `analysis/btl/` and plotted in `analysis/btl_systems.pdf` and<br> `analysis/btl_mixing.pdf` for comparing the different reproduction systems<br> together for all conditions and independent for the different mixing parameters,<br> respectively.  All steps to recreate the plot are listed in the script<br> `` in the `analysis/` folder.</p> <p>[1]</p>
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