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Recurrent mismatch binding by MutS mobile clamps on DNA localizes repair complexes nearby

Weninger, Keith; Hao, Pengyu; LeBlanc, Sharonda J.; Case, Brandon C.; Elston, Timothy C.; Hingorani, Manju M.; Erie, Dorothy A.;
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DNA mismatch repair (MMR), the guardian of the genome, commences when MutS identifies a mismatch and recruits MutL to nick the error-containing strand, allowing excision and DNA resynthesis. Dominant MMR models posit that after mismatch recognition, ATP converts MutS to a hydrolysis-independent, diffusive mobile clamp that no longer recognizes the mismatch. Little is known about the postrecognition MutS mobile clamp and its interactions with MutL. Two disparate frameworks have been proposed: One in which MutS–MutL complexes remain mobile on the DNA, and one in which MutL stops MutS movement. Here we use single-molecule FRET to follow the postrecognition states o...
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